• 2014 Ahead

    Lots of moves being made around FreeLance Studios! We've been working with some really great organizations around Chicago. We look forward to new, crazy projects with Redmoon Theatre, French Pastry School, Howard and Howard Architects, and many more!

    Come challenge us with your ideas! Let us show you our versatility and wow your whole family with creative, one of a kind decor from FreeLance Studios!

  • Not Just Airbrush Anymore!

    April 23, 2012

    We are proud to announce our recent merge with Magik Man Creations Inc.! It's been a long move in between all our projects, but it's all coming together!

    It's not just AIRBRUSH anymore....

    Magik Man Creations offers a unique style, different than that of FreeLance Studios. The artists and creative minds from both companies have combined our skills and experience into one location on the corner of Commercial Ave and Huel Road.

    Of course, FreeLance Studios will still be offering airbrushed items of all types and sizes, and Magik Man Creations will still be able to offer the same look that has pleased many previous customers over the years. Or, if you can't decide between the two, we can combine the two styles into something truly unique!

    Check out the site, enjoy the art, and call for details! Thanks!

    -Lance Gustafson

  • Updated Website!

    Hi everyone! We've added a lot of new photos to the portfolio! Check out the new centerpieces, murals, and airbrushed apparel!